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Heat Press Printing

Your personalised artwork is cut from vinyl and then heat pressed onto a multitude of items. We have a huge selection of vinyl colours available.

Heat Press Vinyl

This process involves using a heat press machine to apply coloured vinyl that is cut to the desired shape. The shape of your artwork is cut out by a plotter/cutting machine. This process is ideally suited to designs that consist of lettering and simple geometric shapes. Complex detail and intricate shapes cannot be reproduced effectively.

After cutting, the excess vinyl is removed and then each item is placed on the heat press machine. The design is positioned by hand and each item is pressed individually. This is a time consuming and highly skilled process that is best suited for low quantity orders.

Excellent products and fantastic customer service, I’ve used them for years and never been disappointed.

Jason Mallin

Absolutely amazing company…fantastic helpful friendly service. So pleased with the logo design and stitching. Super fast turnaround. Recommended to all.

Kathie Fogg Rowbotham

Great speedy service and a fantastic product. Rimal was really great to work with, me being me left less than a week to get a project sorted but Rimal assured me it would be done and it was! Thanks all, you’re a great team.

Katieann Roberts

Rimal and his team pulled all the Easter bunnies from their hats last week to fulfil our order of 156 garments for our Truck Racing team in time for our first event at Brands Hatch!! We are so so so grateful. The quality is top end and the customer service is even better… definitely our best contact overall.

Hayley Robinson

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