Heat Press

Stitches of BridgnorthYour personalised artwork is cut from vinyl and then heat pressed onto a multitude of items. We have a huge selection of vinyl colours available.

This process involves using a heat press machine to apply coloured vinyl that is cut to the desired shape. The shape of your artwork is cut out by a plotter / cutting machine. This process is ideally suited to designs that consist of lettering and simple geometric shapes. Complex detail and intricate shapes cannot be reproduced effectively. After cutting, the excess vinyl is removed and then each item is placed on the heat press machine. The design is positioned by hand and each item is pressed individually. This is a time consuming and highly skilled process that is best suited for low quantity orders.


Promotional Items

Main Catalogue

main catalogue
Multi branded, quality, leisurewear and workwear

Promotional Items

promotional items
Multi branded, quality, promotional items

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uneek Catalogue
Stitches own imported, high quality, value stock

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Multi branded, quality, leisurewear and workwear